Tales of Grumpy! 😡

If you don’t know this already, Sunny loves stuffed animals! Every kind. Cats, dogs, bears, pigs, bunnies, Mickey and Minnie, Care Bears! I could go on and on….. but I won’t, we will be here for days!

One day Sunny was opening her door to go outside, and there stood Grumpy! Grumpy is a carebear. He wanted to stay with Sunny. 

Oh hey Grumpy! You can stay with me! Said Sunny. She thought that would make Grumpy happy. Sunny didn’t know what kind of trouble was waiting for her, by letting Grumpy in.

Grumpy seemed nice, even with a permanent frown on his face. He would give Sunny hugs. Play with her, watch her favorite shows, help her read books. Things seemed to be going well. Sunny thought this was going to be a nice friendship.

One day, Sunny noticed things were out of place. One night Sunny came home to Grumpy holding a knife! Sunny was scared. She didn’t know what to think. Grumpy just sat the frowning at her holding the knife, which had two blades. Oy, thought Sunny, wonder if Grumpy knows Chucky! Hope I didn’t make a mistake by letting him stay here.

The next morning, Sunny was happy to realize Grumpy didn’t kill her in her sleep. He was just resting quietly on his pillow.  Grumpy had fun trying to scare Sunny! She would come home to his hanging upside down in the doorway. Sunny always wondered how he did these things! She thought he was just like any other animal she let stay with her. Boy, was she wrong.

Grumpy was caught stealing candy for the candy jar Sunny had for her nieces and nephews. Sunny let him have it, because she thought it would make him sweeter. That did not happen. Grumpy proceeded to throw Sunny’s fingernail polish all over the place. He would try to make a mess in the kitchen, by playing with the kitchaide mixer! Really Grumpy? You catch on fire, if you tried to put them in the oven!

Grumpy would play with the guitars. He wasn’t supposed to touch those. He didn’t care! Sometimes Grumpy was nice if you let him play Hay Day on your tablet. He did occasionally enjoy playing card games with you, but not often. Grumpy also would tie Sunny necklaces into knots.

Sunny couldn’t figure out what to do with Grumpy! She had never had this problem before! Every other friend that came to stay with her, was always so nice, and never caused trouble. Sunny introduce Grumpy to everyone, thought they would all get along. Grumpy kept trying to steal Bubba’s flashlight! Bubba can’t be without his flashlight, he afraid of the dark!

One day one of Sunny’s friend suggested maybe Grumpy just needs some friends like him. Like him? Asked Sunny. Yes, said Rose. He’s a carebear, do you have any other care bear friends? Well, said Sunny, I do have a couple, but they are shy, and don’t do much! Rose commented that she had quite a few carebear friends that were looking for a new place to stay. 

What? Asked Sunny, they don’t want to stay with you anymore? No, stated Rose, they are bored and looking for new friends. Well, ok said Sunny, if you don’t mind, then they can come live with me! So they did, well except for Lucky. Lucky went to live with Kay! Kay and Lucky became best friends and couldn’t be separated! 

Grumpy loved his new friends! Sunny would come home and find he was reading a book to them. One day they all sat around and played Skip-Bo. Oh I think this might be a good thing, Sunny thought. Maybe I won’t have to ask Grumpy to leave. I really don’t want to have him leave.

Everyone is getting along, and having a good time. Grumpy even started playing with Luna and Smudge, real live cats. Grumpy started to sit by Sunny more, color with her, and help her feel better when you wasn’t feeling good. Sunny was enjoying her time with Grumpy. 

Grumpy was greatful for Sunny also. She protected him, when her nephew Reid made Grumpy do headstands for too long. Sunny would scream “don’t do that, all the stuffing is running to his head, and he’s turning blue”! How can you tell? Asked Reid, he always blue. I can just tell, said Sunny, and he doesn’t like that. Don’t make him mad and do awful things.

Did Sunny save Grumpy?? For now, she did!     Did Grumpy get mad?  A little. Is he mad enough to start being naughty again?   Ummmmm……no!             Or is he???

We will find out later won’t we?


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