Fmla saves Sunny’s job! (For now)

Monday January 30,2017 Sunny had to get up early and go see Dr. Bev! On her way she made a detour to work for new Fmla paperwork. Alma had Sunny fill it out and told her it would cover the days that couldn’t make it to work. All she needed was a letter from Sunny’s doctor stating the days she’d be gone and why.

Sunny was happy with this, because she was worried about losing one of the only job options she had left outside of her home.

Sunny went and had a good visit with her doctor. Dr. Bev is always helpful and caring, she actually listens to Sunny and her concerns. Dr. Bev always tells Sunny “it’s your body, you know best how it’s feeling, feel free to let me know what you think and feel”. Sunny loves that, most doctors don’t do that. And if Sunny doesn’t agree with it, Bev doesn’t force it.
After the visit, Sunny dropped off her note to work. And learned that she can not come back until she is 100% better. Sunny can’t go back to work until she can walk good on both legs, without a cane! But we do want you back, we like you and you’re not going anywhere, says Alma. You just keep bringing in notes and it will be taken care of.
Sunny is happy to hear that, but at the same time, she questions it. Why you ask? Well not to go into too much hate and detail, her last factory job, fired her because she was missing too much work and they were tired of dealing with it all! Even though she had Fmla. Sunny was happy at she didn’t have to work there anymore. That place was slowly killing me! Cried Sunny. There was so much hate and evil there, it made me sicker and sicker! I would throw up just knowing I had to go there. 

But Sunny still wasn’t happy with how it all ended.
Sunny explained that she did believe Alma, but she had to understand Sunny’s hesitation. Sunny explained that she loves to work there, and will until she can’t anymore, or until her home business get to where she needs it to be. And she is doing that to protect herself and help her well being.
Will Sunny’s job be saved by Fmla?                   Or will Sunny be let go for missing too much work?

Will Sunny be able to work for a while? Time will tell…. Stay tuned to find out! 
For now how about some pizza?? πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•


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