Some Doctors Just Don’t Understand!

Oy! Doctors just don’t understand! Sunny yelled! I’m sure glad I wasted more of my time and gas driving to this appointment today. 

Just like most visits, Sunny didn’t leave happy. She felt the doctor just didn’t listen. Don’t they hear me? She thought. Why won’t they just listen to what I am telling them? Is it really that hard! I know I didn’t go to school to be a doctor, but I do know how I feel. Sunny think this quite often.

Some doctors don’t even talk to Sunny, that talk at her, or to their finger, or to their aide. One doctor even started saying she was probably just like all the others. Drinking, smoking, stressing out, has anxiety! Then proceeded to walk out while Sunny was trying to explain for the fourth time that she doesn’t drink or smoke! Her life is not very stressful,and she has no reason to be having anxiety! 

Doctors keep telling Sunny that she probably just needs sleeping pills, or something, because no test show them anything. Your MRIs look normal, they say. Blood work came back normal. Your ekg, heart monitor, stress test, etc… all came back good! Do you see a pattern here?

Is Sunny normal? Is this what life is all about? You mean it’s not all about the hokey pokey? I could have swore it was. Is people that don’t have all these issues abnormal? Are they the crazy ones? I highly doubt it! What is normal? Just a setting on a dryer, Sunny said.

Do you know how much money it costs to live like this? I lost count! So many doctor visits, so many prescriptions, so many tests! It’s like I work to pay doctors, Sunny thought. There has got to be a better way! I just want to be happy and healthy, cried Sunny. Is that too much to ask for? I mean despite all this pain and agony, Sunny does life a happy life. She makes the best out of everything. Some never know that she is sick, because she doesn’t look sick.
Sunny has cried, “what is wrong with me?” many times. Why are people hating on me? Why are they being so mean? Devon told Sunny the it really isn’t her. It just that they are used to having to help others! Hey are so used to you doing everything for them, they don’t like having to help you! Boy, sighed Sunny, great friends I have. Or lack of friends, that is.

Most of the problem is, is that You don’t look sick! Said Devon. Sunny hears that a lot. Why do you get to sit down? I’m the one with the bad back, yelled Buck. Sunny did respond. She knew it would take to much energy to try to explain to Buck that it was a bad day for her. Besides Buck could sit down, he just chose not to at the time. His job was an easy one! Not that Sunny’s job was hard, it just required her to be on her feet more. And today, that was hard! 
The worst part of all this is that most people don’t understand! Sighed Sunny. I’m not looking for sympathy, just a little understanding. Dr. Bev won’t let Sunny have disability yet! Bev thinks we aren’t that far yet, she want to exhaust all options. Sunny is getting tired of it all. She to be to not have to push herself that far anymore! Sunny wants to be able to feel good and not worn out and hurt all the time.

Dr. Bev gives Sunny a super dose of Prednisone for the week! This is supposed to take care of inflammation, so Sunny can walk better! Also Bev wants Sunny to get pain injections. Oy! Last time I had that done , was two shots in my back, and I was in so much pain that I could bearly move for a week! If it doesn’t do that, we can try it! Said Sunny. 
Will Sunny do good with the injections?? Will they harm her more??  
How long until Sunny gets relief?? Time will tell!  

Until then, have a great day! 😃 Now go make some bacon! 🥓🥓


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