I have a few scars. I’m sure you do as well.
When we are asked what’s beautiful, our minds are on auto pilot. Some picture flawless skin, size 2 dresses, silky hair, or perfect teeth. We never stop to think about our scars.

Scars are beautiful, and one way to know that we are still alive. Scars do not form on the flesh of the dead you know. 

There are the visible scars and emotional scars.
Emotional scars can hurt just as bad, if not worse than visible scars. They could be from a hateful word, or name. Could be from someone talking down to you, telling you that you are no good to anyone. Could be someone’s angry drunk words, that you’ll never forget.

Some moments of my past have formed dark scars on my memory. I feel them sometimes. A dull ache in the back of my soul. I can feel them when the weather goes cold.

Visible scars can be a reminder that we have survived something awful. They could be from a minor accident or surgery. 
I have quite a few scars from surgery. Four surgerys. These beautiful 15 plus scars remind me that there was some part of me that was under attack. That something wasn’t right, and need to be fixed. I am reminded every time I see or feel those scars, that I have survived what was attacking me. 

Maybe you got your scars from somewhere or someone else. 

Maybe they came when you gave birth to your adorable child. Maybe they came from the man who told you to shut up every time you talked to him? Or the child who didn’t get their way. Maybe you were just clumsy and fell. Or had an accident at work. 

No matter how you have gotten your scars, just remeber they are a beautiful reminder that you are still alive.

Alive to face another glorious day in this world. 


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