Where Do We Belong?

One summer day, I was sitting on the couch doing a puzzle. I love puzzles. I was thinking that I was bored, I needed to do something else. So what do I do? Hey mom, I’m bored, I’m going to go out and get a job! Sunny said. I was 14 at the time.
So I walked down the road to the greenhouse, and got a job. I worked there for a few years. I have working since I was fourteen. That’s a long time, and I don’t feel like I belonged at any of those jobs. 

I have worked a lot of different jobs. I went from the greenhouse to the grocery store. Once I graduated high school, I stayed at the grocery store for a while. I then decided that wasn’t enough. I then went on to a temp agency. At the time I loved working there. I would go from job to job, filling in wherever help was needed. Mostly office jobs. I was a receptionist, sale person, I worked at a travel agency. I worked in a mail room, I was a file clerk. So many different opportunities. I was hired in as a tax representative, and a mail/file clerk. All in all they were fun and interesting jobs. But they always lacked something.

I always told myself, I will never work in a factory. But guess where I ended up? That’s right, a factory. I started out in a furniture plant. That was fun. I stained and sanded and finished high end furniture. The company was big. They had two plants. At one time I moved over to their clock plant, and learned how to finish clocks. They then combined the plants, but eventually move production to Mexico.

I then took a detour to another wood factory, spent a while there, then needed up where I spent most of my time (10years). A factory that made dry erase and tackboard products. That was fun in the beginning, but the company went down hill, in the fact that there was just too much evil and hate in that place. Long story short, I was let go from there, because I couldn’t do the work as well, because of an injury. 

No worries, I took a short break and then went on to a wholesale chain store, where I started out as a greeter, but moved up to help run the cafe. I spent a year there. But it was too much for my body to handle. Plus all the odd hours. I need consistency. I then moved to where I am currently.

A great friendly Christian company. A plastic molding company. Great place to work. Light, easy work. But I still didn’t feel like I belonged there. My illness took another turn and prevented me from working as much. They are working with me on that. Which is good. 

A friend introduced me to a natural plant based product. This was a life changer! I jump in and joined the company. I have often thought that I should be doing something like this, but the other companies required selling, and pushing the products. I am not into that. I am not a good salesperson at all. Plus the buy-ins were so high. I never had the money to start.

I love this company,and it wil allow me to do what I have always wanted. And that is to work from home. To be able to travel and still work. To be able to see my family and friends more. We never have time to do that much, with having to work on someone else’s dream!

So I believe that I have found, with God’s help, the place that I belong.
Where do you belong?

 Never give up, it may take years like me to find it. But don’t stop dreaming, you will find where you belong. Hey, maybe you already did, that’s awesome!

But, if not, your place is out there. You just need to open your eyes, mind and heart to find it.


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