Martha is a very nice older lady. She doesn’t make a mess. She doesn’t make a lot of noise. She doesn’t cause that much trouble. She does like to play tricks though. Have a little fun with people. 

Does she sound like fun? I bet. There is just one little catch with Martha. She isn’t alive. That’s right, she’s what you would call a spirit or ghost. Not a bad one though. She won’t hurt you. But she may drive you crazy sometimes. 

Picture this, its night time, everyone is asleep. You are laying there awake,when you hear footprints. Sounds just like someone is walking up the stairs. The sound doesn’t stop. You know everyone is sleeping, but keep hearing it. You finally get up and check, there’s no one there. That would be Martha.

You hang pictures on the wall, one day you see that they are crooked. Everyone said they didn’t touch them. Yup, that would be Martha. Your closet door won’t open, you pull and pull, nothing. Then you knock on the door three times, and it opens. Yup, that would be Martha.

One day you are in the house alone, and you hear someone say your name, and laugh. Yes, again that is Martha.
You see, she’s not a bad ghost, just bored and wants to have a little fun. She usually leaves you alone, but sometimes just has to bug you a little. It’s all harmless fun. Makes the day or night a little more interesting. 

Do you have a friend like Martha? 


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