Be the good you want to see!

There are two important rules you should live by if you want to survive in this world. First, always look over your shoulder. Second, never trust anyone. At least that’s how I feel sometimes. I constantly feel like someone is watching me. Maybe they are, or maybe I’m going crazy. I feel like I can’t trust anyone anymore, which is sad. I have been burned too many times. Whether it be with friendships or relationships. Everything went down hill and one point or another.

You would start to think that I would be the problem. But I am still convinced that I am not the problem. I have always been a caring person. I have done everything for everyone. Everyone came first, I was always last. That’s just the way it was. I love helping people, always have and always will. I guess I would say it’s not the people I don’t trust, it’s their intentions. 

If people’s intentions were true and good, this world would be a much better place. I may have lost a lot of friends, but I guess you would say they weren’t true friends in the first place! The real ones stuck around. And that’s all that matters. I will continue to see the good in people, and try to do my best at being what I want to see in people. 

Two questions you should ask yourself everyday! 

In morning, What good am I going to do today?

And at night, What good have I don’t today?


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