Fear is a difficult problem to overtake; it grips the minds of many of us. Fear prevents people from achieving success and kills any opportunity or chances in life. As a result, people lose the sense of life. However, they attempt to overcome their fears which come in a variety of types. Some common fears are: fear of failure, fear of dying, and fear of loneliness.

I have a lot of fears! Fear of failure is just one of them! I fear that I will fail, so why begin? Many people are afraid to take action because they fear the thought of being a failure.

Failing is a word that’s been engraved in our heads since we were kids. It’s a defeating concept that we’ve been programmed to avoid. We call out people failures. We tell kids that they failed tests and are failing classes. We tell people they have failed relationships and marriages.

We let this word stand in our way instead of viewing it from a different perspective.We need to realize that failing can be a positive thing. Without trying something, you never know if it’s the right path to be on.

While some people may joke about how silly you are, phobias are no laughing matter. Your heart races, your legs turn to jelly, and your brain freezes. Everything in you screams at you to stop putting your life at risk.

Don’t think of failing as an end, think of it as a bump in the road! Failure is only final if you give up and don’t try! Failing is the biggest reason I’ve had even an ounce of success. To me it’s not really failing. It’s the process of errors and continuing to adjust what works and what doesn’t.

I fail everyday then in a way. And I couldn’t be happier. Honestly, I encourage to start failing as fast as possible because that means you’re moving forward!


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