Sunny fights for disability!

Never thought that this day would come! But, it has! Fmla couldn’t save Sunny’s job, because she couldn’t work and ran out of days to take off! Since Jan, 2017 Sunny hasn’t been able to work! 

The pain is too much! Sunny can’t be on her feet for very long, before her legs go week and cause too much pain! If sunny is on her feet for a while, she gets really weak and feel like she will pass out! She wouldn’t wish this on anyone! 

The doctors can’t seem to figure out what is causing all this! Therapy doesn’t seem to help! The more she does, the worse she feels! Sadly all this is connected to fibromyalgia, an invisible horrid illness. That not many people understand or like to acknowledge! 

Sunny has begun her fight for disability! This process will take way too long, because the courts don’t deem it a good reason for disability! It doesn’t matter that Sunny’s legs and arms go paralyzed for hours at a time! It doesn’t matter that Sunny can hardly walk or get an task done on some days! All because the doctors can not find a reason for it! No test shows anything! There is so physical hard proof that there is something wrong! 

If Sunny’s illness happen to be depression, she would more thank likely be approved sooner! Does depression occur with Fibromyalgia? Yes it does, but it’s not the main issue! It is depressing to Sunny to have to depend on others for help and aide in this situation! She has always been an independent person, and hates having to ask for help!

Is everyday bad? No, but there are more bad, than good! And just when you think there are more good than bad, you are knocked down for days! 😞

Will Sunny get disability? Only time, time, and more time will tell!


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