You don’t complain!

So I heard someone say the other day, “well, she doesn’t complain or post about her bad days, she must not be really sick!” 
Now this wasn’t directed at me, but I also don’t post when I’m having a bad day! It doesn’t help me or anyone to complain! Does not complaining mean that I am not sick! No, I am sick everyday! It’s not something that is going away! It will always be with me! I will have good days, and bad days! But I try to keep a positive attitude! 

It doesn’t always happen, some days I will break down, and just hide, because I can’t deal with it, and don’t want to be around anyone! I can usually tell when a flare is coming on. I start feeling more sick than normal, and everything and everyone irritates me! I used to get mean and let it all bother me, but once I realized what was happening, I now know what it all means, and I can control how I handle it better! 
Everyone is fighting something, and everyone handles it differently! Just because I don’t act like I’m sick or complain about it all, doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything wrong with me! Same goes with a lot of people! It’s sad to me how judgmental people can be! 


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