My Happy place

We all have a happy place! Somewhere nobody else is allowed! Something no one even knows about it! This place can be a physical place, but most times it is a place in our mind that we go to relax! To break free from our daily lives and troubles!

But , what do you do when evil takes over your happy place? I had a happy place, it was peaceful! I chose a place close to home! There is a pond by my house, I went there in my mind, no one else was allowed there! Nobody knew until recently that it existed for me. They only know now, because evil has taken over! I used to go to the pond, float there on a huge round raft, and all my troubles disappeared!

One day I was floating on the pond, and a shark flew out of the water and ate me! I have no clue where he came from, and I can not make him leave! I have been asked why this has happened! What changed for me to lose this place? I have no idea why the shark took over! But I can not go back there!

But the good news is, I found a new happy place! I sit under a big tree by a pond, reading and enjoying the breeze and peace! That was until a bomb fell on me! Yes, a bomb! I bet you could see something like that coming, right? Because why would 8 tell you about my happy place if it was still there?

Maybe this is why I can not fully relax anywhere, because I have no happy place to escape to! I am not sure how to get them back, or find a new one! But, maybe I am too afraid to find a new one, because I may lose it again!

I hope you never lose your happy place!


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