Seeking Medical Attention!

Seeking medical attention, or treatment is a lot harder than it sounds! Let me tell you, you would think that doctors would be eager to help you! Yes, I understand I am a medical mystery! But please at least try to help me! Most importantly, listen to what i have to say!

When I talk to my doctors, a song by Ashley Gearing comes to mind and I say “Can you hear me when I talk to you? Do the words I say ever make it through?” Most of the time they don’t hear me though 😞 it is very frustrating and discouraging! I am supposed to trust the people with my health, but they aren’t listening, or taking the proper steps to help me!

Now, I must say I do have one doctor that listens! Well, she actually my physician’s assistant! But she does what ever it takes to try to help me! Just wish the specialists I see would do the same! 6 months of every test imaginable came to the conclusion of Fibromyalgia back in 2011! Yes, I agree it usually takes doctors a lot longer to diagnose people with that! I have also been told by my pain specialist that I have it! But, are all my symptoms and problems related to fibro, I don’t know!

The latest issues started in January 2016. Weakness and numbness, and paralysis! Here it is November 2017, and the issues comes more frequently. I also can not stay on my feet long before I feel like I could pass out! Sometimes before I go paralyzed, I will overheat and feel like I will pass out, I get so weak, this doesn’t usually last long, I think of it as my body telling me to rest, but when I do, I literally can not move my legs, and sometimes my arms!

So it is fast approaching 2 years with this, and I am nowhere close to figuring it all out! My pcp thought I might have MS along with the fibromyalgia. But since my MRIS come back clean, neurologists don’t think so! My first neurologist gave me sleeping pills, since those didn’t work, he said he couldn’t help me! He now refuses to see me. The second neurologist said, yes I don’t think it’s a sleep issue! Well, finally someone who sees that! But he is totally baffled by what is going on! He tells my pcp to refer me to a bigger neurologist!

The trouble is my insurance isn’t accepted a lot of places! Hebert Ford Clinic won’t take it! UofM will, but I have wait another 6 or more months to get in! So more waiting to see if my last hope of Wayne State University will take me! And hopefully soon! These are scary symptoms to deal with, and I have only highlighted a couple of them! One nurse swears I am having mini strokes! And I need to see a neurologist ASAP! I have expressed these thoughts to a neurologist and he says I have to be seen by some bigger neurology department!

Only time will tell if I keep getting worse, or if I finally get the much needed help I require!

Until then shine own my diamonds! 💍


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