Doctors! What are they good for!?

I actually laughed as I wrote that title! Doctors! What are they good for? Absolutely nothing! 😂

Ok, so that’s not really true! Doctors are good for a lot of things, they do help tremendously! Just because have yet to get the proper help I need, doesn’t mean they are all bad! Although I have now resorted to calling any doctor that gives up on me, or says they can’t help, or doesn’t even try to help a quack! Are they a quack, no not really, but it’s better than saying bad words about them!

Now, I must say I am lucky enough to have found a amazing primary care doctor! She actually listens listens and does whatever she can t9 help me! She always listens to my research and tells me, -it’s your body, you know it best!-

No, I don’t believe everything that I see and read on the .coms, but I do research everything to death! Seriously, in a lot of my free time, you can find me looking up everything! Searching everywhere! Why, because I refuse to give up! I need answers, and if I’m not getting them from my doctors, I’ll find them on my own! I do talk everything over with my main doctor! The things I feel are important to discuss! And she actually listens! The specialists on the other hand, naaah, they don’t like to listen! They keep telling me I have to do the same things that I’ve been through and tried a hundred different times! I do understand to a point that they all have to go through their channels of steps, but if I tell you that it doesn’t work, why can’t we try something we haven’t done before?

I do actually wish sometimes that I could inflict my illness on some of these doctors for a couple days, so that they can feel what it’s like to live this way! So they may learn that they need to try harder. Maybe then they will take this all seriously, and do something that actually helps! They will find a way to make it all better! That’s sad, as I always say I wouldn’t wish this crap on even my worst enemy! Which I say is myself most of the time, since I am the hardest on myself than anyone else! But really no one deserves to live like this!

Oh doctors! I don’t know what to do with you! Maybe y’all need to put on a tie, and pull your heads out of your a*s*s!!


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