Never Give Up!

I never dreamed one day I’d wake up and be sick, and never get better again! Even though I am plagued with this horrid illness, I will never give up! And doctors can help by not giving up and may I add – believing us! There are no quick fixes with fibromyalgia. We need a doctor who is willing to be a partner in our journey! This is vital part of dealing with this illness!

If doctors don’t believe us and give up on us, it can make us worse! You will not only be plagued with pain, fatigue, brain fog, among others things, you will start getting depressed! Let me tell you, depression sucks! Now, I may have been fighting this as long as a lot of people, but everyone no matter how long they been fighting matters! You get depressed, because nobody believes your story, your pain, your journey! Depressed because your doctors constantly say “Sorry, I can’t help you!”, or “I don’t know what’s wrong with you,”, or “Here just take these pills!”.

Honestly, in my opinion, as much as some doctors try to help, they just don’t know much about fibromyalgia! Sad, but true! Not saying that there aren’t doctors out there that can help, but seems like there are very few! At least I haven’t found them yet!

There are many articles and reports going around about fibromyalgia, that state what causes it, most of them are crap, made up, not real! What you can do to prevent it! If you eat right, follow a certain diet, you’ll get better! If you exercise more, you’ll get better! If you raise your vitamin D levels, you’ll be better! If you get your thyroid better, you’ll be better! Granted, some of these and the many other things work for some people, but everyone is different! What works for some, will not work for others!

My point is not to blab on about all the nonsense about what will or will it work, but to say don’t give up on yourself! Fight for your treatment! Fight to be seen by those doctors! As frustrating as it is to get seen! Often it takes me days, or weeks to get to talk to someone in one of my doctors offices! And once I get there, I get talked to like I’m stupid, or what their other patients are like, so I must be like that also! Example, my cardiologist, who liked to talk to his fingers, instead of me, kept saying his other patients drink and smoke and have anxiety, so I must also! Nope sorry, I don’t drink, or smoke, or have anxiety! There is something else that is making my heart race that fast! Oh, he’s not my doctor anymore! Doctors are asking for it, when they send me a survey about their services! I let them have it!

Just whatever you may do in trying to get the help you need, never give up yourself, many others will do that, but don’t do it yourself! You deserve the help you need!


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