No! It is a full and complete sentence!

I enjoy saying yes and helping others! I love being known as dependable, someone you can call on to help whenever you may need it. Plus, saying yes is just easier than saying no most of the time, right?


Chronic illness has totally changed that for me. My habit of yes saying led me to situations where I was unable to complete the tasks I so needed to finish! I became less able to do things because of it!

Learning how to say no became a necessity. However, it’s not easy to do. So very hard to say no, when you’re so used to saying yes all the time!

Maybe you say yes upfront and then regret it later, or maybe you say it out of obligation! Maybe you say yes, because you’ll feel bad if you say no! You’ll feel like you let them down somehow!

Whatever your reason is for wanting to be a yes person, you need to learn that it’s okay to say no sometimes! 

What exactly are you afraid of by saying no? Are you afraid they won’t th8nk you care about them? Are you afraid the will criticize you for saying no? Do you think they won’t believe any reason you give for saying no? Are you worried they won’t want to be your friend if you say no?

NO IS A COMPLETE SENTENCE. Don’t feel obligated to offer a reason or an excuse. You’re the only one that can determine how valid your reason is anyway. Don’t let the judgement of other force you to say yes! It took me a long time to get comfortable saying no, but I’m so glad I got there! You have to get to the point where you are good with listening to your body and know your limitations! It’s kind of a hard place to get to, but it’s so important hat you get there!

Everyone is fighting their own battles, but saying no is so crucial to your survival! Don’t let anyone guilt you into a yes! They may be able to do more than you! You may have been able to do what they asked of you before, but that doesn’t mean you will be able to do it agin! I often say, just because I could do it ten minutes ago, doesn’t mean I can do it now! My body and abilities change drastically every minute!

Stop explaining and/or justifying your no! Just say no, and stick with it! You’ll be happy you did, and maybe not as sore, and you may have a little bit better day because of it!


NO! Say it with me! NO!


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