Social media cleanse!

Ive been making myself take a social media vacation. Im only allowing myself so many minutes on the Facebook, insta & snapchat. It’s kind of refreshing to not be on Facebook all the time! Felt like it was consuming my life, now granted, part of that was working my network marketing business! But, I have given that the axe also!

In my spare time, I can spend more time crafting, napping, playing with my furbabies! Just enjoying not being glued to my phone or iPad! Now, I do play some games on my devices to pass time as well, so they’re not totally gone from my grip! 😂

Also I was noticing how much crap I have in my house, uuuggghh! Why do we need so much stuff!?

So what do I do? Google it of course! Something about Konmari pops up! Um…. what kinda of gross food is this? Ha ha, it’s actually about organizing your house, and in turn your life! Phew, I really didn’t want to read about sushi! 😂

Apperantly Konmari is a book by a Japanese organizing consultant. This method positions tidying up as much more than a means to a clean house. Rather, it’s a way to live more healthily, become a better decision maker, and achieve your dream life. Do I think I really need to read a book to try to organize my house and life? Well, possibly, so I skimmed parts of it.

Sounds interesting…

Basically the book encourages people to hold on only to things that “spark joy” in their lives. She explains that tidying up is about cleanliness and organization, but only to a small extent: it’s more about creating a space that improves your body and mind.

NOW the more relevant to part to everyone else life part. The social media cleansing!

I then read a blog about how to konmari your social media. Im sorry what? You mean I can blow the dust out of my imaginary Facebook-shelves!? Very interesting!

So social media cleanse looks like this.

– Do you speak to that person weekly?

– Would you drive over ten hours to see that person?

– Has that person messaged you FIRST?

– Does that person impact your daily life?

– Does the group/person give you anxiety?


Are up for a social media cleanse? How refreshing it is!


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