Chronic pain flare kit

Here are 11 items that really help to have around when in a flare. Always best to be prepared for when down time hits.

1. Favorite Movies/ TV Shows / Good Book – I love comedies, anything to make me laugh especially when I don’t feel like laughing. I also love a good TV series, search Netflix or Hulu, or even go on Vudu for a good movie. Even reading a book may help, I prefer to listen to audio books, as I can’t comprehend what I read.

2. Healthy Food/ Comfort Food – Loading myself with healthy anti-inflammatory foods can help, but sometime I just crave a nice plate of comfort food with French fries, or a warm cup of hot chocolate.

3. Heating pad/ Ice pack – I use my heating pad a lot! I love my corn bags, just pop them in the microwave for a couple minutes, and they smell great too! With chronic pain comes lots of widespread pain, sometimes in various places and then I will resort to an ice pack.

4. Comfortable Clothes and Socks – I have a ton of comfortable light weight clothes, lots of comfy pants and socks.

5. Soft Blankets/Pillows – Sometimes you just need a soft blanket and a pillow to curl up with. Maybe even a few extra pillows to elevate your head and legs.

6. Cell phone/ Laptop/tablet – Whether it’s playing games or connecting with others that are going through similar situations my phone and laptop or tablet are my lifelines when pain is high.

7. Break Thru Medicine – My break thru meds are so important along with some topical ointments,pain meds, and tens unit. I don’t know if I could make it through a flare without these!

8. A Friend To Talk To – Someone that understands you just need to talik to someone when you’re having a bad day. These days my friends are all online, as I can’t get out much. Just having someone to chat with that knows your struggles helps a lot.

9. Crock pot/air fryer – When I’m having a bad day the last thing I want to do is cook. I have a stock of prepared food or easy meals, so on these types of days all I have to do is take it out of the freezer and dump it in my crock pot or air fryer. Yumminess at minimum work.

10. Mattress Topper/ Electric Blanket– A good mattress and mattress pad are important for so many reasons. I love having my electric blanket, keeps me warm on those really cold days. Another good one is the electric mattress pad, I e had one those those are great too. Oh imagine the warmth if you had both!

11. Cane/Walker– Even though you may not want to be at that point where you need the extra help to get around, it’s always good to have a cane or walker handy. I know I’ve had to use mine many occasions, I even sit on my walker and pull myself around, even though you’re not supposed to use it that way, only when my legs won’t work. They do make it a little easier to get around and be able to get things, so you don’t have to depend on others 100%.

What’s in your flare kit, if you have more than these 11?


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