Tired of the false information and claims!

At this point in time I am beyond fed up with false information and claims on what fibromyalgia is or isn’t! Or the fact that it is not an illness, that we just go along with it and want to be sick! That those with fibromyalgia don’t want to try anything to get better, that we are just happy to have a diagnosis, and are good with being miserable!

While researching things today, I happened upon an article saying the “Fibromyalgia is not a diagnosis, it’s a dangerous fad!” That doctors nowadays seem too afraid to tell people that lifestyle issues like obesity, stress and secondary lifestyles are causing their problems! There is nothing more wrong with them! That all the countless test they have done just prove there is nothingphysically wrong with us.

After they confirm there is nothing wrong wi5 us, a silly quiz confirms that you have enough symptoms to qualify for the fibromyalgia diagnosis. Either touch point or question asked by the doctor, your diagnosis is based entirely upon your answers. That this leads to a large amount of fake whiners being diagnosed as well as people who are really sick.

The article goes on to describe fibro like this: “Technically “fibromyalgia “ derives for New Latin, fibro-, meaning “fibrous tissues”, Greek mayo-, “muscle”, and Greek Lagos, “pain”; the term literally means “muscle and connective tissue pain.” That’s not what it means anymore, doctors are diagnosing any pain as fibro. It might as well be Latin for hypochondriac, seeking pain pills, or misdiagnosed person.” It hurts my heart to read these accusations. I am pretty confident when I say, no one asked for this, they like me, were just searching for answers. There is something wrong there that hasn’t been found. I would say that I’d be happy to hear any other diagnosis, but apparently that just means that I want to be sick and not helped!

The diagnosis of fibromyalgia does not come easy, there are many many months, even years of testing! Yes, I will admit, some doctors don’t like the word fibromyalgia, but that doesn’t make it any less real. I’d been so thrilled if I could find the source of the pain and 100’s of other problems and fix it! I would love to go back to the job that I loved so much. I was perfectly healthy before my horrible back injury at work over 7 years ago, that no test can find the issue! I keep asking for different tests, more tests, hoping to find what is causing the misery. Hoping to find a way to cure it, and get back to life, the way it should be.

I honestly couldn’t read on much further, it was too much. The spew goes on to say that in 1990, the trigger points were a rip off from myofascial trigger points and never even standardized. That all the meds are highly dangerous and don’t even do much for us, beside damage us more, which I do agree the meds are terrible. From there doctors have gone a wrote up a list of symptoms that are considered fibro related. The article goes on to say that this doesn’t help, just give us fakers more to complain about. That these symptoms are also symptoms of other illnesses, that we should be looking at those instead.

Ok, I agree there are a lot of symptoms of fibro that go along in other illnesses, but what happens when those were proven to not be the issue?

According to some of the symptoms I experience, I would be having a heart attack, stroke, brain tumor, the list goes on. But everything was proven to be all good! So what, am I faking all that as well? I did not research this and come up with my own diagnosis, I’ve been to countless doctors and was given the diagnosis when they ruled everything else out! Do I fully accept it, no, not really, but so far it fits. I have been fighting for an answer for over 7 years now, and will continue to do so until I find out what the root of the problem is. I do not tell the doctor what illness I have or ask for drugs, I prefer not to take them. But one thing is for sure, I know my body and what is wrong with it more than they do or any one else who has a pretend medical liscense.

* The last part of the article states that the fibromyalgia diagnosis never helped anyone. It states “There are only a few reasons that someone would be diagnosed with fibromyalgia.”

-The person is misdiagnosed. There very well may be something that could be done, but they won’t know and it won’t happen if they accept this diagnosis. Instead they go down down down the rabbithole of fibro “research” chasing their tails.

-The person is a hypochondriac. All of the hypochondriac’s worst fears are confirmed and every ache and pain is now a confirmation that they are, indeed very very sick. You just told ’em they have an incurable, progressive, chronic illness.

-The person has unrealistic expectations of feeling good all the time and are exaggerating everyday aches and pains. Maybe they had an accident, injury, surgery or illness that they may never fully recover from. Instead of telling them they are lucky to be alive, the doctor will call their complaints for their very understandable problems “fibro.” When people are obese, don’t get enough exercise or eat very poorly fibro means the obvious consequences of this are not their fault and they are discouraged from making healthy changes. -They have a medical problem like neuropathy or arthritis but feel that their symptoms are somehow worse. Some doctors say that fibro is a diagnosis of exclusion and others simply call this secondary fibromyalgia.

-The person is depressed, anxious or otherwise stressed so much it is causing physical pain without anything physically changing in their body. For most people, finding out that you have a chronic incurable disease is very bad news and will make all this worse. Most, but not all.

-They have Munchhausen Syndrome where they knowingly fake medical or psychological problems to bring attention to themselves. Others do it for disability payments, pillz, or time off work or other responsibilities. Give them a scary-sounding DX like fibromyalgia and they will NEVER EVER put that card back in their wallet. As a matter of fact, they’ll buy a T-shirt. Ever notice fibrowarriors buy a lot of tshirts? They’ve written a fuckton of books too. People with like to talk about being sick. Their dramatics are more dramatic than those with actual life threatening conditions. Some have even expressed envy of those with real medical problems. These are the especially crazy ones who REALLY annoy the fuck out of me.

Can anyone think of any circumstances in which a fibro diagnosis would be a benefit to anyone? I honestly can’t. Sure, it’s nicer to bullshit people, but is it really good for them?

The stigma on fibromyalgia is well earned. People with fibromyalgia WHINE like nobody else. They like to complain that they are not being validated and discriminated against and bullied.

I can not stress enough how badly those that have this diagnosis don’t want it. We don’t want to suffer, we don’t want to be laughed at, ignored, or accused of lying. Shouldn’t people be more concerned about the millions of people that abuse the system to get get drugs and welfare, when they truly can work, but are just too lazy and enjoy the benefits of the scam, them those of us that truly need the help?

I so badly need the help, but in the 7 years of fighting, I only asked one time, yes you read that right, ONE time for pain meds. That was just recently, and I was told no, not yet. I would love to have help from the government for getting food. But feel bad trying, even though I’ve paid into it for over 26 years of working.

These people and these claims are why we can’t get the right kind of help. Yes, there are more and more doctors believing the fibro is real, and trying to help, but can’t figure out what to do. I’m not saying that there aren’t those out there that fake pain, I know there are. But from my experience, I couldn’t fake this amount of misery or wish it on anyone else. I loved my independence, and helping others, I lost that all. I always made it my mission to help, and if everyone else was happy, then so was I. Where are those people now that I need the help? Well, they’re gone, because I can’t do everything for them anymore.

I don’t claim to be bullied, or harassed, I’m only claim to be misunderstood. All of this is so very frustrating and confusing. Rarely do I comment on what people spew out about this illness, let the, think what they want to. I can not change their mind, and don’t care for their information. I continue to hope and pray that something wonderful will happen and we will all find the cause of our issues,and the help that we need!


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