The Grave was Empty

But I swear that I had killed him! How can his grave be empty? What is going on here, where is he?
It had been 6 months since the investigation that proved Amber had done it in self defense. What drew her to the cemetery that day, she may never know, but here she was staring at an empty grave. Fear rose inside her, not knowing if he was truly dead, or someone dug his body up for some crazy reason. She couldn’t bear To go through all the torture again. The thought of living life afraid again was incomprehensible, but he was gone, there’s no doubt about it.
Then she thought about things that had happened over the last month, the strange texts, blocked phone calls, where nobody ever said anything. Could it be him, or someone close to him? But, why? She knew for certain he was dead, this has to a sick joke. Amber ran to the guard station and asked the guy there if he had seen anything. He was alarmed, what do you mean the grave is empty, everything was normal last night when I left. They went to where JD was buried, but it was just as she left it, dug up and empty. Relax Amber, said Barry, this has to be a cruel joke, a mistake, who would want to take a dead body?
Just then Amber’s phone chimed, a text, blocked number, “you will be sorry”. What?, Amber thought I’ve been sorry from day one. I didn’t want him to die, but just to leave me alone. The police already declared it an self defense, I had no other choice, it was either I die, or he does.
I have called the police, chimed in Barry, making her jump. Um, ok, thank you said Amber. Are you okay, asked Barry, was he special to you? Well, yeah, i mean he used to be, long time ago, explained Amber, but that all ended the day he tied to kill me. Now hes gone, and strange calls and texts make me feel like I’m living the nightmare all over again.
Amber didn’t sleep at all that night, going over the long talk with the cops. They promise they were going to get to the bottom of it, and asked if she felt she needed police protection? No,no, I don’t think that’s necessary, but thank you, Amber said. Ok, just please be careful and update us with any more happenings, we will check in with you and update you on the case, officer Daniels promised.
Case, Amber thought, I was sure I was done with all this, I was moving on with what life I have, she cried, I should have moved to somewhere nobody knows me. Weeks went by with a a text here and there, then notes on her door, stating that it should have been her that died, not JD. This has to be someone close to him, not just someone that dislikes me, thought Amber. She racked her brain trying to think of who would go this far. Who loved JD so much, and disliked me that much?, questioned Amber. She always went out of her way to be nice, and made sure everyone was happy before she was, but this was someone who know matter how hard she tried, there was something that made them not like her.
The longer this went on, the more scared Amber felt. She searched and searched for any clue to who is doing this to her. Then one day the person made a huge mistake. They must have cut themselves while writing the last note, and didn’t realize it, because there was blood on the envelope. Finally, a clue, possibly an end to this horrid time in her life. She quickly and carefully took it to the police station, and impatiently waited for the news. Finally a week later it came, turns out the person responsible for all this was found. She thought this would never end. It turned out to be JD’s sister Amy. Amy had never forgiven Amber for what happened to her brother, even though she knew what all he had done to Amber. All the abuse, emotional and physical, all the threats, lies, hate. If it was that bad, why didn’t you just leave him, you didn’t have to kill him, yelled Amy. I tried, I did leave him, cried Amber, he wouldn’t let it go, he kept threatening me, coming back and forcing his way into my house. He wouldn’t just let go, and move on. It kept getting worse, it finally come down to a choice, and I chose to fight for my life. I am truly sorry that he’s gone, but I was only protecting myself.
In the end, it tuned out the Amy lost it the day JD died. She could comprehend why he died, and why Amber lived. She still swears it should have been Amber that died. She could think of anything else, and it got to be too much, so she started to stalk and torture Amber, because she thought it was the right thing to do. JD was truly dead, and was buried once again, Amy had no explanation for why she dug up his grave, other than that he shouldn’t be dead.
Three months later, as Amber packed up the last box of her belongings look at the “Sold” sign in her front yard, happy to know this horrible nightmare was over. Amy was found to be clinically insane, and was locked up in a hospital were should could get the help that she so desperately needed. Amber was moving on in a different city, non disclosed, for her safety, just in case any other family members of JD got the idea to come after her again. She prayed this was the end for good this time.
Hugs and prayers for you Amber, I pray you lead a happy and fulfilled life wherever you end up! ❤️

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