This is my life…

You don’t look sick, they say.

Walk in my shoes only for a day.

I promise that I don’t choose to live this way.

This illness you can’t see, it’s slowly robbing me of me,

I’m only a piece of my former self. Always searching for my lost self.

I can no longer walk, run, or play. If I can get out of bed, I’m having a good day.

I get up sleepy, it lasts all day, I go to bed, still feeling the same way.

The pain in my body, never goes away.

My brain, is in a fog. My memory is weak. My legs, they are crawling. I’m so tired, but I just can’t sleep.

Simple tasks you say, to clean and do laundry will take all day. And my poor body…oh it will pay.

I’m cranky, sad, and depressed. Hell, some days I can’t even get dressed.

My arms weigh a ton and my legs even more, and my back is sore. My poor family, they deserve so much more.

This is my life, sad and in pain, it makes me so angry.

I dont look sick you say… I promise, I’ll trade you any day!


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