Life is too short!

Life is way too short to spend with people that make you feel anything less than amazing!

If someone does something that makes you feel uncomfortable, tell them. If they continue to make you uncomfortable, walk away! It isn’t wrong or a crime to walk away from people.

We seem to spend so much time trying to change others, or wishing they would change. The truth is we need to stop trying to change them and/or stop wishing they would change and just walk away.

The people we are longing to eat and spend time with are out there longing to meet people like us. We spend so much time trying to change people into who we want them to be that we forget that there are billions of people in this world and the people we are trying to make are out there.

Stop trying to form others into something, they aren’t clay, they are who they are and always will be.

Leave, run and you will find the person you’re searching for!


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