Put me down

Why do we always put ourselves down? That sounds weird, let’s read that again, nope still weird.

The other day I shared my blog about “Am I mad” and while writing the post I added “now I’m not a professional writer”, but why did I have to say that? I could have just said I haven’t written in a while here’s my latest and I felt I needed to share it. That’s simple enough, but no I had to add that little snip at me. Now I used to be able to write a document perfect, with perfect form and punctuation. Somehow through the years I have lost that skill. I took classes for it and work in many office setting to use the skill and wrote some stories myself. But now I have no clue how to even begin to make the perfect document or story with the correct wording and punctuation.

I have lost that skill and feel the need to point it out. I think that once people read my stories that will have no problem seeing where I have messed up, but I had to say it. Maybe I said it so that someone else didn’t have to. Do you think that’s why we put ourselves down? So others don’t have to? In this world I find people have no trouble saying rude things or taking criticism to a whole new level to where it crosses a line. I wish that line could be built into a wall, so people would run into it when they were about to tear someone down. Maybe then we would stop being so rude and critical to each other.

The saying so true that we are our own worst enemy. I’m positive that I Am not the only one who does, says or writes something and thinks of everything someone else could say bad about it. We probably think it sounds better or hurts less if we say it to ourselves instead of hearing it from others. Wherever it comes from I truly hope that we find a ways to end this cycle.

If you can believe in Santa Clause for 8 years, you can believe in yourself as well! Just trynthis next time you do something well or heck something at all, say something positive about it or yourself. Say hey good job, I like that, or anything that is more uplifting rather than hurtful or negative.

Imagine this a day where you think or saying nothing but positive words or thoughts. It’s amazing who much better your day will be, as I write this I realize that it’s not always that easy, but it is doable.

Let’s try it!


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