Bad doctors

Doctors are supposed to be helping those that are sick, hurt, ect. Believe it or not there are very good doctors out there, I found 2 of them this year! But sadly there a ton of not so good doctors. The ones that don’t really listen when you talk to them. The ones that don’t seem to want to help you.

I have seen a fair share of the doctors that don’t want to help or even try.

I totally get that my health challenges are difficult to understand and find answers for, but does that mean you just don’t have to try? I don’t think so, but they think it’s okay to say “sorry I can’t help you”. What is even worse than the doctors saying “I can’t help you” is saying that and then writing in your file untrue and rude things.

I am in the process of fighting for disability, and it’s not going well. I didn’t really think that the judge was going to grant me disability l but I never expected what was written in the denial letter. This letter was so full of misinformation and downplaying of my symptoms. It is unreal that even the judge was doing it.

According to the specialists I had seen, four specialists said they couldn’t help and/or didn’t even try. They partially listen to what I said about what is happening to me, and most were sort of kind while saying sorry, can’t help, or I don’t know what is causing this. These doctors then went on to say in my file that I am a hypochondriac, they used the words somatoform disorder, but it’s the same thing. Every one of them said I just needed psychiatric help, that after I seek psychiatric help I would be all better. One even stated that my breathing issues were because I didn’t put any effort in to breathing.

They and the judge downplayed my main symptoms that keep me from doing a lot and stops me from enjoying life more. They stated that they while standing I occasionally get dizzy, while that is true, it’s more than occasionally and it is more than just dizzy. I get dizzy, lightheaded, overheated and feel like I’m going pass out while standing, walking. And even sitting. Now I didn’t know what this was until May of this year (2019).

My cardiologist, one of the good doctors, told me that I have low blood pressure issues, my blood pressure plummets while standing and sitting.

So all these issues that the others said was just in my head , not only has a reason, but a name, and it’s freaking real. These symptoms that the other doctors accused me of being dramatic about are something real and not at all related to fibromyalgia,

Next issue that was proven to be real was my breathing issues. These issues are due to two different surgeries. First surgery (thyroid surgery) cause my right vocal cord to be paralyzed. The second surgery (Nissen fundoplication) causes more swallowing issues called dysphagia. Now with these two problems it is difficult to breath 100% good. I did have to go to speech therapy to help with my breathing, and it didn’t help a little, but my breathing will never be 100%.

So there are two things that my new doctors proved to be real and not at all dramatic. What these other doctors put in file is very rude, wrong and should never have been written there.

Another thing said about me was that I had an opioid dependence. I finally broke down and asked for pain meds one time in eight years, ONE time! I get labeled as having an opioid dependence, seriously? According to those,doctors and the judges notes saying agreeing, I am a fat, lazy, dramatic hypochondriac that does put effort into breathing.

I mean seriously I wouldn’t given myself disability with what they wrote either. But sitting there describing what happens to me and to have it al downplayed and mocked is unbelievable. I have been fighting for so long to get help with these challenges, although I am happy that I now know why they are happening, I’m still very upset that these doctors had the nerve to be nice to my face and then turn around Andy talk shit about me. Did they think that I wouldn’t find out? I really don’t need think there is anything I can do about it,but you can count of me trying to figure out if I can or not.

I am so very thankful for the 4 good docotrs I do have, but hope to find more this year and hopefully get some help with my others challenges. The hard thing is when you see so many awful doctors, you kind feel like giving up on trying to find the good ones. They do exist, sadly it just sometimes takes a while to find them, but you will find them. So if one give up, make it temporary, then get back out there and find those good doctors.

At this time I am in the process of figuring everything out, I have received all my medical records, and will be going through each one, that’s a big task, but needs to be done. I will then figure out what my next move is going to be. Believe me I have stopped taking crap from these doctors already, but with the new information I have learned they will be sorry if they try to mess with me and my health again! Nobody should have to deal with this or put up with it. Something has to be done!


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