Happy place is still missing…

Back in November 2017 I lost my happy place! It was so peaceful there and I would instantly relax when I went there. This place was & wasn’t a real place! It was real as in it truly existed and I could see it when I looked out my window, and wasn’t real as a different version of it existed only in  my mind and when I was having a bad day, I could just teleport there and relax!

Sadly one day it went away! My first happy place (also mentioned in “My happy Place” blog from Nov 2,17) was a pond and I floated around in it dragging my hand over the water and it was just so peaceful. One day while I was floating around a huge shark flew out of the water and ate me! I couldn’t get back there. It is still a beautiful view and peaceful place in real life, but no longer in my escape world! 

I found a new place, this time by a lake. I would sit under the tree reading a book and enjoying the beautiful view. Sadly one day a bomb fell on me and bam happy place 2 was gone!

You probably think that this is just a repeat of the November 2 blog, but I assure you it is not. I found a new happy place, I was so happy and even though I have a huge fear of falling, this happy place was in a huge tree house high above everything. I could just sit there with my cats and watch the world. They didn’t know that I was up there and that was great! I’d just relax and watch all the people! Ahhh, it was fun while it lasted anyway, as I have lost that place as well, but this time I have no idea how! One day I tried to go there and I couldn’t find it, and I have no idea where it went! No note or forwarding address, just gone, it just simply vanished!

Once again I am searching for a new happy place and all I see is myself wandering around in the woods never being able to find my way out! Now I am not stressing that I can’t find a new happy place, but curious if it will ever come back! Have you seen it?  No, I’m not offering any finders rewards, just give it a note saying I miss it and send it back my way!

Hmmm, the more I think about it, it is rather peaceful walking around in these woods, maybe what I have been searching for all this time was the place that I am walking around in! It could very well be, but let’s keep that a secret between you and me as I don’t want to let the woods know and have something happen to this place!

I promise this wasn’t a trick to tell you that what you are looking for may be right in front of you this whole time, but hey if it turns out to be true, then that is wonderful!

I’m off to enjoy me walk, but don’t let the trees know!


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