I need a vacation!

I need a vacation!

This is something we all keep telling ourselves all day on not so good or crazy days!

What we don’t realize sometimes is that we don’t need a vacation, a vacation won’t change our circumstances, just our surroundings! We don’t need a vacation from our lives, or our home, or family & friends… We need a vacation from our head!

Next time you feel like you need a vacation, ask yourself what you’re trying to escape from and tackle it head on! A vacation won’t solve any problems in your life no matter how fun & relaxing it may be, they will be there waiting for you when you get back, just like drugs/alcohol won’t solve the problems in your head, they’ll be there when you sober up!

Some things aren’t easy to handle alone! When things get to be too much and you feel that you need a vacation, talk to somebody and get their thoughts or help with the situation, or just find someone to just listen! If you don’t feel like talking to anyone then send out a prayer request and hit your knees and give all to God as there is more power in prayer than there is in anything that we could ever do!

God is in control, no vacation needed!


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