I love storms…

I love rain!
I love storms!
I love thunder!
I love lightning!

I find tornadoes fascinating!

But, I don’t like the destruction they cause!

Some people will tell you that I love rain because I was born in April, the rainiest month, and that could be, all I can say is that rain makes me happy! I don’t like when it rains so much that it flood areas and causes damage to things, but rain is fun!

As a kid I would always go out and play in the rain, running and splashing everything! As I got older I still love playing in the rain and rarely use an umbrella. I love to drive through puddles and make the water spray everywhere! I also love jumping in the puddles, that’s a weird word -puddles-, I wonder who came up with that word and why are they called puddles?! Anywho, I will always love the rain and the sound it makes on the roof!

Some say that I am crazy when I say how I love storms and that I find tornadoes! They say you won’t like them if you saw one! Sorry, but I still find them fascinating!

I remember so many years ago, it was my birthday and my grandparents just came back from Florida and they stopped by my house. We were all standing in the driveway and I looked up and saw a tornado floating around in the sky. We just stood there and watch it go over the town. I don’t believe it ever touched down in our area that day, but I was amazed seeing it in person!

I have never seen another tornado in person until the other day! Now I will say I never actually saw the funnel of the tornado, but I have never seen anything like what I saw that day! I was sitting there creating and it was storming as it had been all week. I knew there was a tornado watch, but I never saw them except that one time. It started getting dark and windy, that is very normal with storms, but this time it was so very scary!

I was looking out the window and there is a group of trees that separates my yard from the road. It got even darker and the wind whipping around was horrific. Every tree was almost bent in half and the sight of it going through the trees was amazing and terrifying at the same time! I knew instantly what I was seeing and dropped everything and ran to the basement incase it came closer to the house. Unfortunately I was way too curious to stay there especially since I was the only one there. I stood there arguing with myself as I needed to stay down there for safety, but I also had a very strong urge to watch it.

It was over as fast as it started, by the time I came back up to see what was going on, it was all done and starting to brighten up outside! Thankfully nothing was damaged excepof right for a few trees, and with those not landing in the road or yard don’t need to be taken care t away! I have sat in many areas waiting out tornado warnings, but have never experienced seeing one touch down. The next day there were reports of at least 4 F-0 tornadoes touching down in and around my area on that day!

Even though that was a very scary experience and I don’t wish to have it happen again, I am still very much fascinated by storms and tornadoes and always will be! Heck as I am typing this, I am watching and listening to it storm! I do not wish anything harm or destruction on anyone from any of this kind of weather.

I do not think that I could ever actually chase any storm or tornado or want to get trapped outside in these storms, but I will continue to be amazed by them and watch them closely when I am able to!

I am very thankful that I was able to see this happen and that I knew what to do and had a safe place to go to minimize the chance of getting hurt with it all!

I always like to think rain can wash everything clean meaning you start over and become a new person, starting a new slate. I think it is about letting everything that was in your past holding you back go and letting yourself start over new. It also has a very calming effect. Many people who listen to the sound of rain when they’re stressed, anxious or when they need to relax. After a rain/thunder storm, it always feels like things are a lot calmer and more relaxed than it was before. The smell and sound of the rain is very calming and wonderful! It is only made even better if there were a rainbow after the storm! It not only washes the dirt and sadness away, it also helps the crops and such to grow. It is wonderful, and sometimes destructive in so many ways!

Hoe does the rain make you feel? Do you love it or hate and why?


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