She was alone, and afraid. She hadn’t always been that way. But slowly one by one they left her. She didn’t fully understand why they were leaving, she thought they were good friends.

One day she got sick and was in bad shape. She was hurting really bad, she had to take time off work. Months of therapy and doctors, proved to be pointless. Nothing was helping her. She was going down hill more everyday. She was depressed, she had nobody to talk to, no one understood what was going on, just that she couldn’t do what they wanted her to do, which was everything. 

This sickness stole her independence and friends. It stole her strength, her edge, it stole her happiness, and her fearlessness. She always had a few fears, you know heights, falling, spiders. But now everything made her jump, she was scared of loosing everything and everyone. She lost so much already. She was afraid of being alone. And that what she was, alone.

She learned that this sickness was never going away, she did learn to deal with a lot of it, but it was slowly getting worse. More exhausting and painful symptoms arose. Still no one understood, she didn’t either. Doctors weren’t able to help much either. She has to have help walking, because she doesn’t have good balance anymore, and falls sometimes.

She was frustrated and alone. In all honesty, she wasn’t completely alone, and never would be. She had family and some friends, but they didn’t know all of what she was going through. She didn’t fully understand it, how could they. She has to depend on these people for so much, and she is greatful that they are there. 

There are still times that she withdraws herself from everyone, and cries herself to sleep. She’s broken, and she can’t be fixed, all there is to do, is take it one day at a time, and make the best of it. She may be broken, but she’s still beautiful!


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