The Castle

It was a dark and stormy night and I had just moved into a big castle. I was alone and decided to explore the castle before I went to bed. I decided to look upstairs first and then make my way to the basement. I could hear the storm. I had just got done exploring the first two floors when I heard something in the basement. At first I thought it was just the storm later I heard it again. Even though I was a little scared, I decided to go down there and see what was making the noise. As I was walking towards the basement I noticed wet footprints leading down there. I could feel myself start to panic. 

I heard another noise. My curiosity was getting the best of me, so I slowly but cautiously made my way down the stairs being careful not to make any noise in case someone was there. When I got downstairs and scanned enlarge room, my eyes drifted upon an open door. It looked like a hidden room in the wall. The wet footprints lead inside. I decided to follow them, even though there might be trouble behind the door. I hpcould hear the storm in the background. When I walked through the door into the narrow pathway, I could only hear my heart beating faster. There was light in the pathways so I could see my way around.

After about five minutes of walking the path split in two different directions, the footprints went right, so I decided to go that way. A little later I heard a loud bang. I ran back the way I came from to see what the noise was. I was half way to the door when I noticed it was shut. I ran to it and searched for the door handle. There wasn’t one. I started to pound on it, but that didn’t help. I began to scream, but no one was there. I tried to kick at the door to see if it would open, but it wouldn’t. After a while of trying different things to get the door open, I gave up, and finally accepted the fact that I was stuck. 

I was really scared, but I decided to go back the way I was going, and keep searching for there on. About a half an hour passed, and I was just about to turn a corner, when something caught my eye. Down on the floor sticking out from around the corner I could see something that looked yellowish-white. When I turned the corner to see what it was, my breath caught in my throat. On the floor laying against the wall were skeletons. I ran screaming. I was getting tired, so I slowed down a little, as I turned another corner I realized I was back where I started. I was really trapped with no way out. I sank to the floor crying.

I eventually cried myself to sleep. When I woke up I could hardly breathe. Every minute that passed it got harder to breathe. I walked around the pathways until I came up to the skeletons. I couldn’t go any farther, it was just too hard to breathe. I knew I was going to die! I sat down on the opposite wall and thought, I was dying. I could not breathe anymore. Everything went black. I was dead.

Outside the door in the basement a man stood listening to the person on the other side. He could hear her scream and kick at the door. This made the man smile. He was very pleased that his plan had worked. In the morning he would be able to add another body to his collection. What would happen next was unknown. Who would be his next victim he wondered?


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