Be Kind!

You know all those posts that you hate on social media?

You could just move on, unfriend them, unfollow them, or block them!

But why? When you can spend your time misspelling your opinions in all caps on a post you hate! Or you could stop wasting your precious time on all the negativity and get a hobby!

Being mean is not an actual hobby!

Search any legitimate list of hobbies and you will not find being a hate-filled, angry, bitter person who feels the need to put others down, on that list!

You won’t! Kitting, that’s a hobby! Sewing, another great one! Coin collecting, yet another great one!

Here’s the best part about hobbies. See, if you write negative comments online, what do you end up with? Nothing! But if you take in baking, you end up with a cake! A cake! What would you rather have nothing or a cake?

I understand that you have a right to have your own opinion. For real! Now, If someone posts a picture of their baby, and you think that baby is ugly, that makes you a human with an opinion! But, if you choose to comment on that picture, stating you think that baby is ugly, that makes you an awful human with an opinion!

By the way if you’re an awful human online, you’re an awful human in real life! There isn’t an online you and a real you! There’s just one you!

When you’re dead someday, do you really want people to remember you as an awful human being? Remember, you have the power to choose what to watch or read on the internet, and when to keep your opinions to yourself! If someone has take that power away from you, call the police! That’s a crime!

In a world where you can be anything, be kind!


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