Not easy being Sunny…

Some days I feel weak! Some days I feel tired!

Some days my life makes sense!

Some days I think about everything and it all make sense, but I don’t feel the bravery and passion like I should!

I have tendency to talk about the good days more than the bad.

I tend to talk about when I feel my best or fairly good.

I am still a little embarrassed by the days that I feel empty and broken.

These days are there though, they are here more often than the good.

I have done a good job of hiding when I feel broken, I tend to wear my happy mask, but it is just that, a mask.

I am scared to talk about all the bad days as people will start to worry about me more. There isn’t anything to really worry about, I tend to change every day, like the sun, I grow and fall into myself.

I will always be here, but sometimes you will only see pieces of me, because I am not at all proud of who I have become.

It’s hard to be sunny all the time!


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