Speech challenges, why does it happen?

I am always amazed with all the symptoms that go along with fibromyalgia, and most of them we never really find out what causes them. I never find out what causes them. We just throw them into the mix of everything fibro, the endless pit of symptoms, pain being the main symptom we all experience.

There are over 200 symptoms that go along with fibromyalgia, there are 3 main symptoms that I have the biggest problem with, and those are pain, nausea and speech challenges. Did you ever wonder why we have these symptoms? Let talk about speech for instance, we all have speech challenges, we can’t think of words that we normally used on a daily basis. We have issues with remembering things like names, what we are doing, ect. Heck, I forget what I’m doing while I’m doing it. lol It gets very frustrating to say the least. It makes me feel like this challenge is a direct reflection on my intelligence or competence, which it’s not, but it’s so hard not to feel that way. I feel the need to explain why I can’t speak correctly or think properly.

Our brain processes pain first and everything else becomes secondary to that. Those of us that suffer with fibromyalgia are in constant pain, so when our brains are being bombarded with pain signals it’s hard for it to focus on all the other signals like speech. Who knew it was that simple? While this won’t help the situation, we can at least take comfort in knowing why it is happening.

I am always hoping that this challenge never comes up when meeting people or out with friends and family as I feel unintelligent and you know the people in this world are constantly judging everyone, but we all have our own issues and nobody is perfect. Even though I will never fully be comfortable with this challenge I know that it’s nothing I personally have done to bring it on and there is a very simple explanation for it. We don’t owe anyone any explanation of why we are the way we are, but I do understand the want to explain it.

This illness is hard enough on us, we don’t need to be hard on ourselves for the challenges it bring along with it. We should try to remember this is not our fault. We did not cause this or ask for it. I mean really, who would ask for this, right? If you feel the need to explain this challenge then you have the simple explanation as to wh6 it happens. Please do me a favor though, try, just try to take it easy on yourself, you deserve some kindness with all you deal with, why not start with being kind to yourself.

Gentle hugs my warriors!


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