Grumpy mistakes a cat for a horse!

One day Sunny walks into her room and finds Grumpy sitting on Smudge like she’s a horse. Really Grumpy? Asked Sunny. Smudge is a cat, not a horse!
Grumpy didn’t seem to care. He whipped out his rope yells, giddy up, and tries to lasso Luna. Grumpy! Yelled Sunny. Luna is a cat, not a cow!
Grumpy laughed. Silly girl, don’t you know who I am? Yes, replied Sunny. You are Grumpy bear. You are supposed to be my friend and if you want live here, you need to be nice to my furbabies! 
Well, they didn’t seem to mind. Grumpy said. Oh, questioned Sunny. Then why did Luna just hiss at you? Maybe she did that because you’re in here! Replied Grumpy.
Oy! Shouted Sunny throwing up her arms. Just be nice to the cats Grumpy! 
Fine! Don’t get your fur in a bunch. Sighed Grumpy. I’ll try to be nicer to them. But really, we were just having fun. If they really cared that much, they would have ripped me apart! 
Oh Grumpy, you crazy blue bear! 

🧀 cheese?


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