Crossing over Rainbow Bridge! 😭

If there is one thing that people do not always understand, it is that some people care deeply about animals. For an even smaller amount of people, they care about animals more than they care about people. Too often, people think of pets as “just a cat” or “just a dog” without taking into consideration the feelings of the people who do actually care deeply about their pets. For example, my pets always come first. They are a huge part of my family!

I have lost my 2 dogs, and 4 cats in my life so far! It is a very hard thing to deal with! I tend to get selfish and try to hold on too long, even though I know it’s time! I honestly have no words that truly express how I am feeling with the loss of my furbabies!
Your favorite chair is vacant now…No eager purrs to greet me.

No softly padded paws to run

Ecstatically to meet me.

No coaxing rubs, no plaintive cry

Will say it’s time for feeding.

I’ve put away your bowl, and all

The things you won’t be needing;

But I will miss you little friend,

For I could never measure

The happiness you brought me,

The comfort and the pleasure.

And since God put you here to share

In earthly joy and sorrow;

I’m sure there’ll be a place for you

In Heaven’s bright tomorrow…


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